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Siggi mit Jürgen Hoerig (SWR TV 2002)

SWR-moderator Jürgen Hörig and Siggi feeding sundews at our greenhouse
1996 Welt der Wunder (PRO-7), 2001 & 2002
Treffpunkt im Grünen & Lust auf Fleisch (SWR-BW).

Siggi & Irmgard in "Lust auf Fleisch" 2002

Our TV-career started in 1996 with a 10-minutes broadcast for "Welt der Wunder" (World of miracles), filmed in our house by a PRO-7 film crew. Since 1986, Siggi helps in Basel (Switzerland) on a voluntary basis to cultivate the carnivorous plants at the Botanical Gardens Brüglingen, meanwhile renamed into Merian Gärten Basel. There, the German SWR-TV filmed Siggi for an interview in 2001 for their garden telecast "Treffpunkt im Grünen". That was successful enough that a 30-minutes broadcast on our hobby and CP-activities followed. A SWR film team took three days to record the recommendable documentary "Lust auf Fleisch: Hinterhalt im Pflanzenreich" (Hunger for meat - Ambush in the plant kingdom). The filming took place at our house in Weil am Rhein (D), at the Leonhard Gymnasium Basel (CH) and at the Botanical Garden of the University Basel (CH), directed by Kirsten Ruppel.
SWR Team 2
Director Kirsten Ruppel made a great effort to write the script for the film "Lust auf Fleisch - Hinterhalt im Pflanzenreich" and discussed all details with us. 
Bruno Erny und Siggi im BoGa Uni Basel

Bruno Erny, head of the Botanical Garden of the University Basel and Siggi during the shooting of "Lust auf Fleisch".

Abendessen mit dem SWR-Team.
A dinner with the SWR film team. We had a great time together and enjoyed the good atmosphere. They needed three days for the shootings at our house, the Botanic Garden of the University Basel and the Leonhard Gymnasium Basel.
Foto TVtotal 2002 Pro7-TV
TV total, November 2002.
Siggi on Germany's most famous sofa with Stefan Raab.
 Siggi Hartmeyer's performance at TV total.
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Comedy meets Carnivorous Plants. Germany's popular entertainer Stefan Raab questioned Siggi on "the personal sensitivities of carnivorous plants".

A very special lesson. Here is much room for a lot of laughter.
Erste interaktive CD-ROM über KarnivorenThe deciding factor was a Feng Shui expert at the famous comedy broadcast "TV total", who recommended Germany's popular moderator and entertainer Stefan Raab "to improve the flow of energy" inside his studio by adding living plants to the moderator desk top. He decided spontaneously: "That must be carnivorous plants (CP)!" Therefore, the TV total crew started searching for a CP-expert and found the first interactive CD-ROM on CP, which Irmgard and I had produced in 2000 in cooperation with the company IBS Multimedia (Germany). Promptly we received an invitation to take place at Germany's most famous sofa at TV total for a talk with Stefan Raab on the "personal sensitivities of carnivorous plants". We agreed and only four days later, we enjoyed the business class of Swiss on our flight from Basel to Düsseldorf. From there a chauffeur with luxury limousine drove us to Stefan Raabs studio in Cologne.

We realized amazed that the TV total team had actually serious interest in CP. They had already organized a flower box including Venus flytraps, sundews and pitcher plants; however, unfortunately I had to state that the conditions inside the studio would not be suitable for growing CP. After this expertise, we went backstage, to wait for my performance at the V.I.P.-room, where the crew really spoiled us with delicious titbits and drinks. There we met another guest, the MdB (member of the Bundestag) of the Green Party Hans-Christian Ströbele, who came to advocate for the legalization of Cannabis. Stefan Raab had before sampled Ströbele's speech at a protest meeting and took the sentence "Gebt das Hanf frei" (Release that hemp) to produce a song with great public appeal. Now a share of the resulting benefit should be donated to Ströbele's "Legalize it campaign”. We had a very good conversation with the lawyer and politician of the Green party. He found it absurd to destroy the future of a teenager, who was otherwise respectable, by a previous conviction only because he grew three hemp plants in his bathtub. Ströbele's matter-of-fact argumentation convinced us, therefore I did not see a problem to talk about carnivorous plants particularly in a "legalize cannabis broadcast" of TV total.

Stefan Raab came shortly before the show started to get to know his guests personally. The chemistry was great from the beginning and that good atmosphere continued into our stage performance. He was amazed about the rapid closing of the Venus flytraps and during the last days, several prominent guests had fed the studio plants with fly maggots and serano ham. Stefan Raab clarified that he never defines in advance the talks for TV total, what of course suited me well. The following minutes on stage brought us a lot of fun, based on reciprocity. Even my remarks on an outrageous act of the Swiss customs authority (Eidgenössische Zollbehörde) found an appropriate reply: "Do they smoke that stuff?" I found my remarks on that proceeding quite adequate, because the authority denied replying to official statements of our German lawyer for several months. However, TV total has also been broadcast in Switzerland and eventually my prudent and joking suggestions to an audience of several millions, understandable only for insiders, paid off. A few weeks after the broadcast the authority replied to our lawyer and stated that they closed the chapter based on the special circumstances (in German: Eingestellt aufgrund der besonderen Umstände).

After Stefan Raab referred to our website that evening, the feedback was fantastic although there was not any smartphone in 2002. Already when we came home the next day, our homepage counter displayed >3000 new clicks and we received a flood of mails. To avoid server problems I had now to reply as rapidly as possible to the multiple questions on CP and at least as much requests on Germany's popular entertainer Stefan Raab, his crew and TV total. It took us one more week in front of our computer until it became relatively quiet again.

In 2014: The worldwide first broadcast of a catapult-flypaper trap during prey capture on TV.
Katapultfalle High Speed Camera & Logo
In 2012, we recorded on our living room table in the frame of cooperation with the bionics-team of the University Freiburg, for the first time spectacular macro shots of a sundew, which catapults its prey within 75 milliseconds from the periphery of the trap often backwards into its sticky tentacles. Even faster than the famous Venus flytrap needs to snap shut (100 ms). After the publication of this new two-step capture mechanism at PLOS ONE (2012), cited even by popular science magazines like National Geografic, Science and others, followed in 2014 the worldwide first broadcast of a prey dashing catapult-flypaper trap on the German TV. We were very happy, when the popular technology writer Volker Arzt asked us for some excerpts of our video for the telecast "Planet Wissen". He mailed us: "The editorial staff "caught fire" after looking at your clips on the internet ..."
Volker Arzt in Planet Wissen - SWR-LinkPflanzen wie wir. Neue Sicht auf unsere grünen Mitgeschöpfe.
(Plants like us. A new look at our green fellow creatures)

With the famous technology writer Volker Arzt.

Broadcast 2014/15 a.o. on SWRARD-alpha, WDR, 1-plus, HR, RBB.

Expert consultant is the famous technology writer Volker Arzt, who talks about the making of his documentary and book "Kluge Pflanzen" (Clever Plants) with fascinating film excerpts. In addition, he introduces for the first time worldwide the catapult-flypaper trap of Drosera glanduligera in action. The complete telecast is actually entertaining and recommendable. In the focus are not only the features of particular plants like Acacia or carnivorous plants, he also talks about the complications and challenges with the filming in nature and studio. In 2009, he wrote his equally recommendable book on the topic "Kluge Pflanzen" (clever plants). It was a pleasure for Irmgard and me to provide some footage for "Planet Wissen" (English: planet knowledge).

We recommend "Kluge Pflanzen" especially to everybody who likes to learn more on the defense strategies and sensory function of plants. The book is easy to understand even for nonprofessionals, thrilling and entertaining. It provides a still relevant insight into modern plant research. The book comes with a DVD, which contains the documentary film:
Kluge Pflanzen. C. Bertelsmann, 2009 - ISBN: 978-3570010266.

As reference to the telecast we uploaded a small trailer on YouTube.
Our trailer for the telecast "Planet Wissen"
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