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The sale of our DVDs is discontinued. Most content is now free for viewing on YouTube, see links below. Exceptions only after consultation by phone.
Our private CP-movies on DVD & Blu-ray
Click on the cover for a description, click on "YouTube" to view an excerpt or even the whole movie.

Our CP movies were produced between 1990 and 2013. All movies are non-commercial non-profit productions. Our goal is simply to spread the knowledge on animal catching plants. 

Lectures for society events or institutions are possible on request. Public presentation of our movies is only allowed with our written permission. Just send an email, we reply as soon as possible.
Fleischfresser auf dem Blocksberg

Only German language

Title freely translated: Carnivores and whiches on Germany's legendary Blocksberg

DVD (SD) € 10,-            Blu-ray (HD) € 15,-

An entertaining film for friends of the Harz mountains. Filmed in Benneckenstein and at the Nationalpark Harz on Germany's mystic mountain, the "Brocken". Featuring Drosera rotundifolia and Pinguicula vulgaris in their natural habitat. Producing this movie on Siggi's old home was a great pleasure for us. Providing also a glance on the history of the Hartmeyers. Available in full length and HD-quality also on YouTube.

On YouTube

Cover Fleischfresser auf dem Blocksberg Our documentary film on the examination of the catapult-flypaper trap of D. glanduligera. A collaboration with the Plant Biomechanics Group of the Botanic Garden of the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg.
The film is biligual (German & Englisch).

Das Katapult der Diva

Das Katapult der Diva / The Diva's catapult
Blu-ray (HD) € 15,-  /  DVD € 10,-

Auf YouTube
Rremastered version 2012. Bilingual in the German and English language.

Sarracenia - Endangered Gems/Gefährdete Juwelen

Sarracenia - Endangered Gems
Gefährdete Juwelen

HD on Blu-ray € 15,-  /  DVD € 10,-

On YouTube
In the German or the English language

Cover DVD Auf Karnivorentour mit Stew

Auf Karnivorentour mit Stewart McPherson
On CP-tour with Stewart McPherson

DVD € 10,-      ON YouTube

In the German or the English language

Cover Triple E

Triple "E" trifft Triphyophyllum
Triple "E" meets Triphyophyllum

 DVD € 10,-     On YouTube

In the German or the English language

Drosera Schnelltentakel und Landescheinwerfer

Drosera: Schnelltentakel und Landescheinwerfer
Drosera: Snap-Tentacles And Runway Lights

DVD € 10,-       On YouTube

In the German or the English language

Quer durchs Karnivorenbeet

Quer durchs Karnivorenbeet
A Hunting Veggies Cocktail

DVD € 10,-     On YouTube

Only in the English language


Nepenthes@Borneo Exotics

DVD € 10,-     On YouTube

In the German or the English language

Cover Fleischimania


DVD € 10,-     On YouTube

Only in the English language

Cover ICPS Japan

The ICPS World Conference 2002 Tokyo

DVD € 10,-     On YouTube

Only English language

Cover ICPS San Francisco

The ICPS Y2K World Conference San Francisco

DVD € 10,-     On YouTube

Remark: On the ICPS YouTube-channel

Dispatch by air: Up to 2 DVDs inside Germany € 2,-, world-wide € 4,-. We recommend PayPal Logo for payments.

To accomplish your order we need your Email including titel, language and your postal address. On ordering more than 2 DVDs postage is free.

These movies were produced in the 1990s using Super-VHS system. They are now out of order.

English language

Cover Beautiful and Hungry

Beautiful And Hungry Part 1+2 - 2-DVD-SET

German language

Cover Reiseziel Insektivoren

Reiseziel Insektivoren
(identical with Beautiful & Hungry Part 2)

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