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Prof. Dr. Katsuhiko Kondo and Siggi in Tokyo
Now also on YouTube (excerpt):

(170 minutes, English language)


The 4th International Carnivorous Plant World Conference 2002 Tokyo, Japan

The official video on the 4th Carnivorous Plant Conference 2002 in Tokyo (Japan). Thanks to an excellent projection equipment at the conference hall you enjoy the most interesting slide shows, computer presentations and videos in a great picture quality. Also the sound has been made up digitally. The result are 170 minutes of pretentious lectures by prominent CP-experts. You learn how to grow Aldrovanda (Douglas Darnowski) and how the rapid movement of the Droseraceae works (Stephen Williams). Be amazed by a match of CP and parasitic plant organs by Daniel Joël and experience the changing seasons at the growing site of Pinguicula ramosa on Mount Koshin (Chiaki Shibata), a beautiful video. Actually, there is much more!! The conference language is English, without any doubt, this footage is a "carnivorous delicacy" for every CP-enthusiast.

The SECOND EDITION is available as 2-DVD-Set. Every single lecture can be selected directly.
2 DVD SET  € 20,-
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(110 minutes, English language)


The ICPS Y2K World Conference in San Francisco

This report on a very interesting and entertaining CP world conference shows most outstanding slide-shows and lectures at Fort Mason, San Francisco - USA. You experience what famous international CP experts show about their expeditions and scientific activities (Ch'ien Lee, Robert Cantley, Christopher Frazier, Barry Rice, Jan Schlauer, Andreas Wistuba, and much more ...). See how Triphyophyllum peltatum can be grown in culture, or dive into the unique worlds of Borneo (Nepenthes), Venezuela (Heliamphora) and more. Also the first public presentation of our CD-ROM "Destination CP" can be seen. Actually, this conference included also a very humoristic part by the unique and brilliant Barry Rice (USA), with his talk at the buffet banquet. You will be surprised about this footage, because if you like CP, you will love this movie !

The SECOND EDITION is available as 2-DVD-Set. Every single lecture can be selected.
2 DVD SET  € 20,- plus postage

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