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The 4th International Carnivorous Plant World Conference in Tokyo 
German article by Hartmeyer, I. & Hartmeyer, S. (2003) TAUBLATT (GFP) 2003/1: 21-31

Plakat ICPS Tokyo

In 2002 we have been invited by Prof. Dr. Katsuhiko Kondo, chairman of the Organization Committee, to give a lecture at the ICPS World Conference in Tokyo (Japan). The German article describes briefly the event and the scientific lectures. After our arrival, Prof. Kondo asked us to produce the official conference video and we agreed without hesitation.


Meanwhile all lectures of the Tokyo conference have been uploaded to YouTube.
Just click on the picture below to get the index with all links to the lectures.
No log-in or registration necessary! Just select a video to view it gratis.

Prof. Dr. Katsuhiko Kondo and Siggi

Cover DVD ICPS Tokyo

For your CP-library:

The official conference video is
also available as 2-DVD-Set.
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