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Jan Schlauer, Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer, Irmgard Hartmeyer, Holger Hennern, Anja Hennern (2019). Carnivorous Plant Newsletter Vol. 48/1: 6-12.
Keywords: Drosera, phytochemistry, naphthoquinones, chemotaxonomy, micro-morphology, emergences.

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CPN Cover 48 2019

The acetogenic naphthoquinones, plumbagin (P in this paper) and ramentaceone (7-methyljuglone, M in this paper) are important chemotaxonomic markers in sundews (Drosera L., Culham & Gornall 1994, Schlauer et al. 2017, 2018). Further accessions have been investigated, and the results are presented and discussed here.
Drosera banksii
Figure 1: Drosera banksii. Background: mature plant; A: leaf base with stipule; B: red
sessile glands on leaves; C: multiseriate hairs on sepals. All photos: S. Hartmeyer.
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