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Urtümliche und moderne Tentakel unter dem Mikroskop

Hartmeyer, I. & Hartmeyer, S. (2008)  DAS TAUBLATT (GFP) 2008/3: 36-43

English abstract:

Leaves and tentacles of different Drosera species are examined with a microscope, focussing on the leaf edges. While the archaic species (D. arcturi and D. regia) show only simple stalked glands, three different types of marginal tentacles (T1 = symmetrical glandular head, T2 = bisymmetrical none glandular head, T3 = bisymmetrical none glandular head combined with a hinge in the tentacle stalk) are found with the modern sundews. The basic morphology and ontogenetic development of seedlings is discussed, and due to their tentacles the Queensland sundews appear to be somewhere in between. Section Arachnopus is distinct, the members modified their tentacles not to fix prey like the modern Drosera, but to increase the effectivity of attraction.