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Pitcher Plants of the Americas - Ein Buch von Stewart McPherson

a review by Siegfried R.H. Hartmeyer (English abstract)


After six years of continuous research „Pitcher Plants of the Americas" by Stewart McPherson is the first of a series of five books and one DVD featuring all known CP. It provides very detailed descriptions of the carnivorous genera Brocchinia, Catopsis, Darlingtonia, Heliamphora and Sarracenia including their habitats, is scientific correct and up to date for experts, completed with about 230 excellent colour photos and from the beginning really entertaining to read, also for interested laymen. Cultivation and horticulture is discussed, and a forceful description of the endangered state of the genus Sarracenia is not only expressed in a separate chapter. Actually, the author promises to donate a healthy portion of the sales profit directly to the protection of Sarracenia habitat.