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NEW Button animiertQuinone patterns and identification of Japanese Spider Leg Sundews (Drosera Sect. Arachnopus).
Jan Schlauer, Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer and Irmgard Hartmeyer (2019). Carnivorous Plant Newsletter Vol. 48/4: 161-163.
Keywords: Metabolism, phytochemistry, naphthoquinones, Drosera, chemotaxonomy.

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The Japanese sundews that have previously been collectively called D. indica L. (especially after the influential Flora of Japan, Ohwi 1965:492) are being split up. Various authors (e.g., Watanabe 2013) are trying to re-establish or create one or two additional species assumed endemic to Japan, following the contemporary trend to recognize a number of segregate taxa in Drosera sect. Arachnopus (Greek for “spider leg”), the group that contains D. indica. Previous research (Schlauer et al. 2017, 2018, 2019) has demonstrated a rather unexpected diversity in the naphthoquinones that are characteristic for the different species now recognized in this group. While a few Australian spe-cies  contain  ramentaceone  (7-methyljuglone),  most  contain  the  regio-isomer  plumbagin  (2-meth-yljuglone).  So  far,  only  D.  indica  s.str.  (accessions  from  Asia  and  Africa  have  been  investigated)  contains both isomers in the same plant. The morphological diversity found in Japan thus prompted a chemical investigation, the results of which are reported here.

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